It is no surprise that our industry is constantly changing. Thus, the reason for so many posts in the blogosphere that designers are never able to do their own homes. Any one of us will tell you that when a client walks in our doors we can pull their project together in a snap. We know exactly what it is they need, and how to get it. But when it came to designing my own home, I completely fell flat. How is this possible I thought? I have 12 years of experience and most jobs I can do in my sleep! I am an expert at creating magic through design, and getting results that even Houdini couldn’t master. Magical tae-kwon-do design has become my specialty. So why is it that none of us can design our own homes? With so many products coming into the market that indulge our senses, and wow us it is no wonder that we get A.D.D when it comes to our own spaces. So with one hand buried in office paper work and the other delving through the industry pulse for the top must haves, here are my top pick’s that will help you win friends, and influenece your designer.

Includes but not limited to:

1) Cree LED CR6 Down light

Cree LED CR6 Down light
Why is this fixture so special? Two reasons. This 6″ recessed LED downlight fits into any standard recessed lighting can, (including the Halo H7, which is THE most common housing unit for new construction homes) and replaces your old 6″ 75/100W, known as the builder standard for decades! Why is this good? This drops your energy costs significantly. This fixture uses 10.5W and delivers the same light output as a 65W bulb! The second reason this fixture is awesome? Two of my clients have listened to my podcast:
with Lori Sawaya and Kelly Berg, and knew immediately that instead of replacing all of there fixtures they would recycle the ones they had, and replace them with this greener option. It is so awesome to be a rockstar-even if I just play one on this blog!
2) Lutron’s Wireless Occupancy Sensor
The Lutron occupancy sensor automatically turns lights on when a room is occupied and off when a room is vacant. So what’s in it for you? Increased convenience, Substantial energy savings and Compliance with building energy codes. I always plan on putting Lutron Dimmer’s throughout a house ( they provide up to 60% savings to your energy bill AND decrease your carbon footprint, see chart above) but adding these sensors are a perfect solution to a house full of busy professional’s, kids, friends and family who may otherwise leave the lights on!
3) Sanyo’s HIT power solar panels
Most of us think that Sanyo just sell’s T.V’s and appliances, right? Nope, they are way more advanced than that. They are just a bunch of good ol’ hippies trying to save the planet and hug a tree. The HIT Power solar module’s are the most advanced of their kind. They offer improved efficiency and energy output, and more power per square foot than ever before. As president of Sanyo’s U.S. energy system technologies Charles Hanasaki is quoted:
“The industry has advanced to the point where home and property owners understand that the solar energy solutions they purchase will not only reap them enticing tax credits and environmental incentives, it will be working for 25 to 30 years to virtually eliminate their monthly electric bills,” added Hanasaki
Seriously folks, this is the future. Remember the Birkenstock wearing, granola crunching hippies from the 70’s? How they preached about free love and saving the planet? Well it finally caught up us! So grab a cliff bar, and let’s find some nubby trees to grab a hold of with moon beam and sunshine and share some free love, AND energy savings!
Tabrasa is an idea paint offered through MDC wall coverings. It is a high-performance, dry-erase paint that transforms any space into an idea/communication platform. This paint can be used not only in commercial spaces, but in residential applications as well. How cool is this for the kiddo’s? Drawing on the walls was never this much fun, especially with fruit scented markers!
5) USF Contract
This floor company, USF contract, offers cork and bamboo that is not only great to look at, but are durable and available in an array of color options. Bamboo hues, their newest line is sustainable, durable and also certified by green guard! The great thing about this line is that it is commercially rated. Think your kids are tough on things? This floor can withstand a heard of elephants and a crowd at Circus, Circus in Las Vegas, so let little Jimmy run wild on skates, don’t worry the floor can handle it!