This interview was recorded a couple of years ago when my company name was still AB Home. The AB refers to my married name, Amanda Burdge. Since this interview I have gotten divorced and returned to my maiden name of Amanda Gates. I debated trashing this interview, however many of the tips offered in this interview are still tools we practice every day by my team and I. So disregard all my names and such, insert my new names and get on with it already! Let’s learn how to increase your productivity and bottom line! Boom!

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on office spaces. Over the years I have designed a plethora of office spaces and personally seen the effect that they have on people. So big is the change in productivity and happiness it surprises me that more people don’t jump on the band wagon. And if you are in a commercial brick and mortar, a beautiful and efficient office not only elevates the entrepreneur in that space but the staff as well. Today I am happy to say that Carla Kroger, from Daily Admin took notice.

Carla recently put together a series of interviews with high profile entrepreneurs to find out their best tips and tricks to help you become more efficient and profitable in your small business. I immediately contacted her when I saw the article introducing the series, in my opinion, (the one that counts) no entrepreneur should start operations without a kick ass office to get them pumped and motivated.

Amanda Gates

After speaking with Amanda from Gates Interior Design I knew I had to make a couple of changes here in the office. Her fresh approach to creating the right space was well received and I am thrilled share the interview with you.  I spent a bit of time on her blog and I got so much inspiration. She really knows how to create a space.

{Click here to listen to the audio interview}

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