The KBIS show in Orlando has officially come to a close but it didn’t leave its attendees disappointed. The great thing about a trade show like KBIS is they bring out their best and their brightest ideas. Some we will see within the coming months and some will be micro trends just peeking out that will take consumers a good year or two to really grab hold of. No matter what, these will be the Hottest new Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2019!


Many of the trends I captured last year are quickly rising to the top and this show solidifies that movement. In addition to seeing things like gold finishes, quartz counters and color cabinetry many new trends that were just scratching the surface last year are now in full swing. Are you ready to embrace some of the hottest trends? Ok maybe you think you’re not a “trend person.” But even if you’re not quite there, you can expect to see these trends rise to the top in 2019 and 2020. So hold onto your Cheerios because some of these trends are so strong that if you miss a step, you’ll instantly date your house by five years maybe ten!

So if you think you’re not a trend person, trust me when I say, if you’re getting ready to build a new home or remodel be sure to check out this post and add these top 9 things to your list! If you’re too lazy to read it all, this kitchen featured in Lonny Magazine pretty much sums up the perfect kitchen for 2019:

1) Only Special Sinks Apply, Especially Shiny Metallics!

Bigger than ever are sinks in bright metallics, hammered finishes, intricate details and gold! Yep. In my world this has been a strong trend for a couple of years but when sink manufacturers like Kohler, Kallista Plumbing and Thompon Traders make options like these, you can see that this trend is full speed ahead:

2) Stainless appliances are out!

Thinking about new appliances in stainless? Well just keep scrolling. Stainless is dead. Sure you’ll still be able to buy it, (and probably at a great price) but you’ll date your house instantly by a decade. Want to be ahead of the curve? Go with one of these kick ass finishes below. Gone are the days of all matching appliances in one boring color. Now it’s all about high style, in rich hues, and everything fancy. These finishes instantly take your kitchen up a notch, kaboom!

3) Fancy, expensive, bright colored stoves!

 This has been one of those quiet trends that designers reserved for its high end clients. Because of the high price points, brands like La Cornue (which will set you back $15K -$30K)  was a fancy, colorful option that most couldn’t afford. While most of these will still set you back a pretty penny, this is a solid trend that’s not going away. High style cook tops, hoods, stoves and ovens in the brightest of brights are the hottest ticket in town!

4) Less is More. Embrace Hygge And Nix Those Upper Cabinets

A slow quiet trend that’s been quickly gaining speed in the last couple of years is the no upper cabinet trend. (I could feel your butts pucker as I said it.) But as the minimalist movement takes shape, I’m seeing clients wanting their spaces to appear as clean as possible. The best way to achieve an openness is to eliminate those upper cabinets. If you’re building or remodeling this works beautifully by adding a true butlers pantry, or perhaps an antique armoire. But the hottest trends rise to the top at KBIS and guess what’s hot? NO upper cabinets.

5) The White Kitchen is OUT!

Ok that may be extreme. The white kitchen is a classic, but many are getting quite bored of a kitchen devoid of color. It feels lifeless in a space that is considered the heart of the home. Painted cabinets in blue, green, stains in warm chestnut and fruitwood and black are all the rage!
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biggest kitchen and bath trends to carry you into every remodeling project in your home right now.
biggest kitchen and bath trends to carry you into every remodeling project in your home right now.

 6) Black is the new Grey

Black is replacing grey. Yet another trend that has been climbing its way back from the eighties, black is bringing that sharp contrast to kitchens and baths devoid of color. It also brings an elegance to a space that no other hue can do. Combined with warm chestnut wood and gold finishes, you have an updated twist to an eighties classic.

7) Gold is back and bigger than ever

Ok this is a trend I called last year and the year before that. But I think the twitches returning from the nineties over dose was blurring everyone’s vision on just how good it could be. Sure we have likely all been in a house, or purchased a house that had top to bottom brass everything from the nineties. I get it. But this metallic favorite is fresh and new. Manufacturers are offering up gold patina’s, rose golds, black golds, bright golds and mixing them with high end appliances and raw organics. This finish has never looked so good as a new traditional with a twist.
10 Biggest kitchen and bath trends to carry you into every remodeling project

8) Metal Shelving

While you may not be open to the idea of nixing your upper cabinets, another big trend is metal shelving. For a long time we saw open wood shelves as the gold standard. Wood is being replaced by black metal shelves to give a kitchen attitude, style and flexibility. Plus it’s darn pretty.

9) Shower enclosures with attitude

Shower doors and enclosures are starting to become a statement piece in the bathroom and there is no better way to do that than to make them noticeable. Bold designs, window panes and color grids were afoot at this years KBIS show.
I think it’s safe to say that the number one trend right now is color. And it’s right in line with everything that is going on in Interior Design. Organics like raw woods, black and white, color and gold were huge at last years Highpoint Market. You can catch those articles, here and here. Plus I made a video about my journey to Highpoint sharing what it is, what it’s like to attend and the top interior design trends for 2018. You can catch that here. I also share great holistic tips to keep your energy up!
 It’s no surprise that one of the hottest trends in home decor is the bar cart. You’ll see me talk about that in the Highpoint video above. KBIS had tons of beautiful options for beverage refrigerators and wine storage perfect for the beverage connoisseur. All in all it was a great show and if the trends intimidate you or you aren’t sure how to navigate them, make sure to consult with a professional in your area. The last thing you want to do is drop $20K on granite counters and stainless appliances only to discover you dated your house a decade!

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