In these economic times home staging has become increasingly popular for people who want to sell their homes quickly. With so much inventory to boot and sellers still picky about their list of needs, now is not the time to be cheap. Potential staging clients call me all the time wondering if temporary staging really makes that big of a difference, and most fear the investment if they are just going to leave anyways. Makes sense, why put more money into a house if you are just going to move? But on the flip side, how long are you willing to “sit” on a house and pay a lofty mortgage while other homes sell? Better yet, how long are you willing to put your life on hold while other houses sell?

Next week I am flying out to California to help a client stage her home. It has been on the market for over six months and despite her pleading with her husband to invest in some much needed money for changes, he refuses. His mind is set. They have already purchased another home and he wants to move NOW. She is an avid reader of my blog and knows the importance of remodeling to get more bang for your buck. Above is a picture of what I am up against. This is a picture of her master bathroom….and might I add this is in a million dollar home!

Small changes can really reap big rewards even if you don’t have a lot of money. Now I am not sure how far I can take pink counter tops but I can certainly do other things in that bathroom  to add value. And that is exactly what I plan to do. If you are planning on moving and your house isn’t selling, get a fresh pair of eyes. What are your potential buyers seeing that you don’t? What are the other houses on the street offering that yours isn’t? What is the PERCEIVED value in comparison to the REAL value? It doesn’t matter that your house has an eight hundred thousand dollar price tag on paper. If the buyer only sees flaws, they perceive differently then you. And remember, buyers don’t just buy a price tag or an address. They buy with emotion and senses. So re-carpet, repaint, and bake something sweet when the house is being shown. It is a proven fact that people are more likely to buy and be at ease when sweets waft through the air. And finally, don’t underestimate the help of a staging consultant. You may simply need a fifteen degree shift in the overall look of your home to get it sold now.

Stay tuned. I will have before and after’s of the California house to show you my best tricks to get it sold!

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