Nothing makes us happier than lush green plants, sunshine, and warm temperatures. You might say we have a love affair with summer, but sometimes the heat index rising a little too high even for us! In the dead of summer it can be hard to get around those scorching temps but all hope is not lost! We found some terrific tips to get keep cool this summer that you’re going to thank us for!

Fans of Cool
Get those fans out and start moving air. Ceiling fans and free standing fans are great when the temps start rising. Circulating air is better than sitting in a stuffy room. Another great trick if you have a basement is to place a fan facing your living space to pull cool air from the basement into your home. However, if your basement has mold, please don’t do this.

Shut It Out
Did you know 40% of the heat in your home in the summer is thanks to your windows?! That’s a lot of heat from the sun entering your home like an uninvited guest. No one likes those. To prevent this simply use curtains, shades, and blinds that closely fit your window in a light color.

Sleep like an Egyptian
To sleep more peacefully during the night it’s best to make your bed up in cotton sheets. Go the extra mile by wearing loose-fitting pajamas made of cotton. Why? Because cotton is an incredibly breathable fiber that allows air to circulate and not suffocate which leads to sweating.