I was three years old. I had an old container filled with change and three dollars. Dad said it was a day to be thankful for mommy for all that she did for us. I went straight to my old beat up container deemed a piggy bank and dumped it all on to the floor. I was rich. But it still wasn’t enough. I broke into tears and went running to my mommy who was outside hanging clothes on the clothesline. Thinking I was hurt she spun around and asked me what was wrong. I told her I did not have enough money to show her how much I loved her. She broke into hysterical laughter and said something I’ll never forgot:

“Money will never be able to buy attention, time or love. You give me that and I am the richest mommy on the planet.”

My mom made many sacrifices to give me the best life growing up. She never discussed money around me and though we were what most considered as “poor”, we lived a very rich life. She was always there for me. At every single one of my games (even the out-of-town ones), at every event, and even into my adult life she never misses the important events, ever.

To all the mothers who toil away with love, and grace to care for children, their children, this post is for you. We love you and thank you for being mom, and showing us our greatness.


Happy Mothers Day!



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