It’s official, I am a gardener….or at least that is what I am telling people because it makes me sound like I a am apart of some elite group of cool kids. For years I have been going on and on about having a garden. Obsessing over them, designing them, even pretending to have chickens (which I am still determined to have). I have spent the last four years reading what seems like every organic gardening book on the shelf and researching gardening sites online to the point of exasperation. Well no more. I am dizzy with all this information and while some of it may have actually influenced a nugget of knowledge in my head, I feel more unsure than when I started. It’s like rocket science y’all. So, instead of it getting the best of me and wasting away another season buried in gardening 101 books, I am just going to dive in head first, hold my breath and hope for the freakin’ best!

What you will need to get your organic garden started:

As I mentioned in the video, USE WHAT YOU HAVE! All you will need to buy are seeds (they are inexpensive and last several seasons.) and dirt. Find containers around the house. Start collecting them over the holidays when the festivities are at their peak. Cans, sour cream containers, water bottles, egg cartons, milk cartons…what ever you can get your hands on, will work for seeds.

Step 1

Once the containers have all been prepped for proper drainage, you can start filling them with your organic dirt. I used organic potting mix from Miracle-Gro, and this can be found at home depot or any gardening store. I filled each container leaving about a half inch at the top.

Step 2

Place 2-3 seeds in each container. Each seed requires a different depth but I planted all of mine around a 1/2″ depth. *GASP* Remember, I’m pretty much throwin’ the spaghetti on the wall here and hoping it sticks. The technical stuff just makes me dizzy and seriously, how hard can organic gardening be? What like getting into Harvard is hard?

After all the seeds are planted keep them inside the house in a warm area, preferably close to the sun. I placed mine in clear trash bags to create a green house effect and ensure uber warmth for my little guys. Cross your fingers that “the gardener” can make something grow! Stay tuned!

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