When it comes to your entrance there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind to get good energy alignment. Not only do you want your front entrance to be pretty and decorative but you want it to have good energy too. Taking both into consideration ensures elevated Chi, new opportunities and an attractive front door.

It’s important to keep your front door neat and tidy. Since this is where all good energy enters your home, it’s always a good idea to look at it with a “Feng Shui state of mind.” No matter how attractive the door is, or the color you’ve chosen, a messy entrance immediately deters from it’s beauty and energy.

To really attract the good stuff you need to approach your front door in layers. Keep the door and surrounding area clean and clutter free. Ensure that all lights are working properly, especially those surrounding the door. A beautiful stain or paint color needs to be shown off during the day and at night. Remove all things that are broken. Even if you have a powerful color like red on your front door, the energy will dissipate and not be nearly as strong for new opportunities if “broken energy” surrounds it. It’s like having a straw that’s broken – it just doesn’t work as well as it should!

Make sure your doorbell works. I see so many clients that don’t have a properly working doorbell. This emanates “dead energy” and hinders new experiences in your life. It can change the amount of support you receive over time and you’ll lose positive opportunities from being called into your life. And if someone approaches your door and sees a broken doorbell they energetically broadcast disappointment whether they realize it or not. Do you want that residual energy lingering around your beautiful door?

Remove all dead flowers and surround your door with beautiful fresh flowers that compliment the door style, shape and color. This allows Chi to thrive and delights your guests.

Here’s some color suggestions to get you started on your front door:


Paint your door an extraordinary color. Color excites our Chi and enchants the senses. Think about visiting a home that has a beautiful yellow door. Or an incredible purple door! It immediately grabs your attention and excites your Chi because it’s different. That is the Chi you want broadcasted at your door! If paint isn’t an option, stain your door a beautiful walnut, or other deep rich color. This represents the earth element and brings stability to your opportunities! Whoo hoo!