I love the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s persistent, hungry and will do anything to get the job done. That enthusiasm is what my friend calls Chutzpah. It takes shear guts and perseverance to go it alone. To believe so much in what you do, you’re willing to leave behind the security of something stable and take the leap. Hoo-Wha!

How to feng shui your desk

Yes, I do adore the entrepreneurial spirit. Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs are treated the same. All the perseverance in the world will not over come a bad office layout. Did you know that over time a poor layout can deplete you? Yep. An inauspicious space will show up as fatigue, headaches, feeling anxious, unable to think clearly, overwhelm, and can lead to missed opportunities. There are some layouts that even lead to deceit, things going on behind your back and even a scoundrel!

I think it’s safe to say this all sounds very dramatic. Right? No matter your thoughts on this point I have seen it time and time again. And the question bears asking, does it really matter how you achieve what you want, as long as you get the results you want?

Nope. If you’re like me, the headaches alone will make you try anything!

How to feng shui your office

So let’s talk optimal office layouts and what you should avoid. I think it is also important to take a close look at what you are experiencing. I literally had a client say to me, “things keep going on behind my back.” So pay attention to the events going on in your life, and your language – it holds a world of clues! Plus, don’t forget to feng shui your desk. Once we get the optimal layout, you’ll want your every day prime real estate to sing success!

how to feng shui your office


Things to avoid:

Below are four floor plans that are not ideal for an office. In feng shui we base everything on how energy flows. So imagine the door as a freeway or road. If you opened that door, a rush of energy would swoosh in. Does that make sense? If that rush of energy hits your system, your subconscious picks up on that as danger. This affects you in many ways, whether you notice it or not. And can play a dramatic role on how you earn.


How to feng shui your desk


How to feng shui your desk


How to feng shui your desk


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So why is it bad?

As I mentioned above, this is about how the energy hits you. Numbers one and four are certainly the worst case scenarios. All of these positions take you out of command. What does that mean? If you are startled when someone comes in, then your subconscious is on over drive. It’s job is to keep you safe. It operates your fight or flight response, and evolution has not changed. These positions over time can effect your health. There is a sense of danger, and you will experience anxiety, health issues, mood swings and much more.

So what can you do?

The best case scenario is to move your desk and position yourself for safety. This allows you to see everything coming at you!

This can effect your health.

Many of us work in offices all day. For optimal well-being position yourself for ease and support.This gives you the best outcome for goals, and preserves your good health! Here’s a quick guide for you to print off and keep with you for reference.

This can effect your health.


Happy feng shui’in. And if you have any questions or comments, leave them below!