Can Fast Shui really help me?

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I love more than an inspiring story of someone who has taken what I said to heart, put it into action, and gotten killer results!

People like Stella Corey.

Over the summer Stella emailed me about her new home. She had recently gone through a divorce and was concerned that her stressed out energy might have influenced the home she bought. Honestly, I was ecstatic that she was enlightened enough to know that she was the beacon of energy creating her experiences. (Side note, she’s an avid listener of my podcast, Home Energy Design.)

What ever is in your field is what you attract, period.

For example, when I was looking for a new home last year I had just left a six year relationship. It was amicable but still a big change in my life. A big change in “relationship energy” of my life. Wouldn’t you know, EVERY home I saw had kinks in relationships. Every. Damn. One.

Your experiences are very much like Charlie Brown’s character, Pigpen. All those experiences are swirling around in your field until you eliminate the charge. If you are talking about said experiences and FEELING said experiences, they are in your field. If they are in your field your floor plan doesn’t lie to me.

Stella’s plan seems pretty simple. However, many details lurking in her home without the proper alignments would definitely have wreaked havoc on her life.

If we simply start with my Top 5 disruptors, we can already see some issues showing up. At the front door she has two knife edges. Since the front door is the mouth of Chi, and affects all areas of our lives, that means any area of her life could be weakened. The overall shape in the front and the back adds complexity that can lead to an inability to adapt along with instability in decision making. And not shown, her desk was placed up against the window, putting her out of command.

Any one of these elements could pose a problem, but if we look at the overall picture she’ll likely struggle at work, feel indecisive, and experience criticism. Now let’s go back to her energy system. Do you think she might already be feeling these things after a divorce? Heck yea! Nothing leaves you more vulnerable than a divorce.

Luckily for Stella, she’s an awakened woman ready, willing and able to put in the work to change her circumstances. After taking my elemental test we discovered that Stella is a dominant Wood element. That means she’s a visionary in her thinking, likes to be busy and needs lots of space to expand. She will also have a tendency to over do it.

Knowing her Chi I decide to give her three things to shift her energy.

  • Cultivate her Wood Chi daily by placing plants in her kitchen
  • Flanking the front door with round Black pots
  • Putting her desk in command

I also had her do a couple of custom energy ceremonies around the home to shift the Chi. We received an email from her on Monday:

I’ll be honest, I did have some doubt. I wasn’t sure a few pots and some ceremonies were going to do the trick. But I trusted you and your knowledge and I dove in head first. Are you kidding me, how could I not? Amanda, I’ve heard you speak more passionately about energy than anyone I’ve ever met, and you took the time to really help me understand the energy of my home, and it was exactly what I was experiencing! Now I get it. Oh my stars do I get it. Not only did I get a promotion at work but my relationship with my ex is better than when we were together. Plus I have a great relationship with my kids! But that’s not the best part. I no longer have debilitating anxiety and life no longer seems flat. With utmost gratitude,

Pretty amazing, right?

I love Stella’s  story because it shows how much is possible if you are willing to believe, trust in yourself and do the work, regardless of where you’ve been!

I say it all the time and I’ll say it again, too often people seek external things to repair their lives. Every one of those elements matters and brings you closer to who you are, but let’s not forget that your home could, and probably is, the solution to what’s showing up in your life. Fast Shui can help you get started.

With Love, Light and Shui