Often when I meet with a new Feng Shui client they are rarely in perfect order. They have contacted me because something in their life is out of whack and desperate times call for desperate measures. Whether they beleive in it or not they are at the point of trying anything, even if that means painting their garage purple. One of the two biggest reasons people call me is their love life is in shambles or they are trying to get more money into their lives. The novice practitioner, the one whose read a few articles online,  goes straight to the bagua section that relates to their problem and can’t get this fung schmay thing to work; rookie move.

Love and money

First you need to look at your life as a whole and ask yourself, are my basic needs met? Do you feel secure, do you have enough to make it by, do you love yourself? I know this may seem elementary but when looking to add the more is more policy into your life you can’t add what isn’t there. In other words, look at your family and community sector first. This is where your basic needs are met. When you graduate college you don’t land the dream job right away, you work up to it. Make sure this area of your home is in order and you have the right elements and colors in place. Make sure it is loved and nurtured so you internally feel the same. Otherwise, you’ll adorn your house seven ways to Sunday to attract that new love and it will all have been in haste. Don’t give up, it does work but like any good recipe it needs all the ingredients.

Do you have a dangerous item in this location of your home like a garage, bathroom or a fireplace? Is this section missing all together? Contact me today for a consultation to get your family sector back on track immediately and allow more blessings to flow into your life.