Feng Shui is ancient Chinese philosophy that can bring harmony and order in a person’s home. It is meant to promote positive energy, which can give a variety of great feelings. Applying it to one’s home can be done by anyone, if they just learn the basics! Here is a step-by step guide for those who haven’t got a clue where to start. You will see that it is not has hard as it seems, and you too can enjoy the advantage of integrating your it into your lifestyle.

Beginner's Guide to Feng Shui

Baqua Map, Tisha Morris

The Bagua Map
Before you can start, a Bagua map is needed. This map represents the eight areas of life: health, love, wealth, career, wisdom, reputation, children and people in your house.

You can make a Bagua map by first sketching your house’s shape. Common shapes for houses are rectangles, L-shapes and U-shapes. Your goal for the map is to have a rectangular or square sketch. For L-shaped and U-shaped houses, dotted lines are recommended and will represent missing areas.

After this, split the domain by thirds by evenly cutting it twice diagonally and horizontally. This will give a tic-tac-toe look. When done, you can mark the building blocks of life accordingly using the center as a basis.

– North is reputation
– North-East is love
– East is children
– South-East is helpful people
– South is career
– South-West is wisdom
– West is health
– North-West is wealth

Note that houses with several floors should have the plan started on the main level, and then the plan done for the next level and so on. To define the Bagua of the second floor, you should be working in the same orientation of the house’s front door – tracing paper can be useful for this.

Beginner's Guide to Feng Shui

Baqua house plan

Now that you have your Bagua map, you can start planning. The goal of Feng Shui is to have your décor represent the area of life for that room . For example, in rooms that represent health, you can put medicine or herbs.

Colors are a vital aspect in this form of design. Each area of life has colors associated with them.

– Career – Black, Blue and Brown
– Wisdom – Black, Blue and Green
– Health – Blue and Green
– Wealth – Blue, Red and Purple
– Reputation – Red
– Love – Red, Pink and White
– Children – White
– Helpful People – White, Gray & Black
– Center – Earth Tones

Have your furniture and decor match its respective color. This will ensure optimal positive energy. Also, consider its placement, a crucial aspect of Feng Shui, which needs to be comfortable but in line with the various rules – do a quick search before you place each item, because there are too many to list here!

Beginner's Guide to Feng Shui

Remove clutter
Once your plan is done, you can start removing your clutter. Clutter is the enemy for Feng Shui as it promotes disorder and stagnate energy. Ask yourself when was the last time you actually used each object in each room – many people consider a small investment in storage away from their home well-worth it if they can’t bear to throw away their excess items, but don’t want to have to face trying to hide too much stuff in their house!

Rearrange Your Home
If everything goes well, you will experience an environment of serenity and begin reaping the benefits of Feng Shui. It’s a fantastic project for a week long “staycation” if you want to save a bit of money on your vacation this year. Or maybe spend a few evenings to sort out your home – the benefits will be well-worth the effort.

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