Etsy chair

One of the best things about being a designer is finding ordinary things, with extraordinary details. This chair, shown above, looks like a simple black linen chair from the front. But turn the sucker around and you have a kaleidoscope of undeniable creativity!

Etsy chair

Um, can you say FAB-U-losity? I have, like, a thousand places I want to place this chair…including but not limited to, my own home!

Etsy chair

Can you stand it? Well this little slice of heaven is from irinaneacsu, (AKA, etsy). She is a freelance architect and designer from Romania. And she just so happens to have a masters in art from Italy…uh, yea, don’t think she needed schooling to get this awesome, but the girl has serious cred, and I am loving her style!

Want to see more of her awesome loot? Click here.

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