Decorative Wall tiles

As I was perusing through Etsy this past Sunday morning I came across the amazing and talented element clay studio. These botanically inspired tiles are made of porcelain and can be hung easily with a simple screw. (stupidly easy, that even I CAN DO!) Heather Knight, the artist, graduated with a bachelors in art from Asheville, and believes all art, including her own should be 100% handmade and nothing massed produced. I agree!

Decorative wall tiles

Seriously how fun are these? I love the texture and uniqueness that each tile provides. As a designer I am always looking for items that can simultaneously be fun, surprising and unexpected. I think these tiles do all three! And all of us have weird little walls in our homes that could use a little help. I have a few that could use A LOT of help! Whether it be a small little wall in the entry foyer, or a focal wall above the sofa, these little gems would add a great little splash of wonder. In addition to her wall tiles Heather also has other fun little details for around the house like these bowls.

Decorative textured bowls

OMG! Can you stand it? I just love these. What is especially nice about Heathers line of hand-made products is their one-of-a-kind feel. I am so tired of seeing the same things over and over. And I am also tired of seeing “made in China” stickers on everything. I feel that due to our lovely economy people feel forced to buy crap because it is all they can afford. I think that if we learned to take our time on decorating our homes, and buying things that really sing to us, we could take our homes to a place of true happiness and enjoyment. When you are surrounded by things that make you smile, (for instance, these bowls just make me giddy!) imagine how that atmosphere of constant joy would lift your mood instantly!

Decorative nesting bowls

Me loves these bowls! These are items that make a house into a home and make it special. Not a mass produced, cheaply made, over urethaned (that still manages to chip, and smells cheap) crap bowl. OK, so I am getting a little worked up here. But as I stated in this post, too many people are convinced that everything has to be done all at once and needs to cost nothing. The goal isn’t to rush through the process. We aren’t running a marathon here, and there is no shiny metal when you cross the finish line. Take your time, do it right, and surround yourself with beautiful things that have meaning. To find out more about this truly awesome artist, head on over to her store, elements clay studio, on Etsy.


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