When it comes to your home it’s necessary to focus on the right thingsto get the right energy. I say ‘focus on the right things” because more often than not I see people rushing to the finish line so it looks pretty now. Meaning they rush out and buy everything in haste to get it done. While I totally believe in the pretty, and LOVE the pretty, I call that putting lipstick on a pig. This is settling. You can’t put the cart before the horse and expect it to function and feel right.

energy mantras every home should have

In order to get the vibe right you must get the energy right. That means, you have to focus on the energy first. In my world I say all the time, “beautiful energy equals a beautiful space”. Skip this part and rush to the pretty, buying a bunch of cheap things to fill your house and ignoring the energy, is a surefire way to feel the ick move in and get a lackluster life.

So when it comes to getting your space energy aligned, it’s imperative that you do these 5 things. This is how my team and I get designs that are energy aligned:

  1. Honor your home. Take care of her systems and treat her with respect

  2. Honor living your lifestyle. That means what works for you, not the one you saw on Instagram or Pinterest. Otherwise you get into “striving” Ch’i.”

  3. Surround yourself with qualitynot quantity. I see too many homeowners buy a lot of inexpensive crap to stuff their homes to look “decorated”. This clogs the energy with the wrong intentions.

  4. The spaces you spend the most time in need living things. Animals, plants, fresh flowers, fish. These bring lifeforce into your spaces.

  5. The things closest to you have the greatest effect on your Ch’i. Buy quality linens, invest in quality upholstery, towels, and clothes. Drive a beautiful car.This stimulates and raises your Ch’i with the “I deserve it, and I’m worth it” feeling.

These seemingly small tweaks make all the difference in how you show up to the world, and the Ch’i you express.

Here’s the rub, our culture has gotten into a mindset of knowing the price of everything and understanding the value of nothing. My mantra in life is to invest in the things that matter, even if that means it takes time to get it. Here recently I needed to buy a car. As many of you know, I haven’t had a car in 7 years. (To learn that story, buy my new book, Easy Everyday Habits to be More Eco-Friendly. You can find it on Amazon) But I knew that when it came time to buy another car, I would only invest in the best. I buy with the intention of owning for many years and taking care of what I own to drive that elevated Chi into everything – and your home, your belongings, your car are no different. What you surround yourself with, including the thoughts you have, the energy you hold all matters.

When it comes to your energy mantras where have you fallen short? Where can you make a change for the better? What beliefs do you hold on to that you can get rid of to start honoring the life you deserve?