Here in Nashville, good barstools are hard to come by. If you ask anyone where they shop, it’s usually pier one, or the local billiards store. When I lived in California we had a ton of places to shop for great barstools, but if you don’t have a place to go and physically pick one out, how do you choose?
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Do your barstools measure up?

First and foremost, make sure you are buying the right height. There are two different types of barstools: counter stools and bar stools. Counter height stools are shorter to accommodate a counter, and barstools are taller for bar height. I know this seems like simple math here, but I’d be rich if I made a dollar overtime I saw that mistake.

Secondly, buy better quality than you think you should. Are they pricey, yup, sure are. Barstools and counter stools alike can run upwards of $500 a piece. And in the case of needing multiples, this can add up. But hear me out on this one. Ninety percent of homeowners have their dinner in the kitchen, sitting at the kitchen island, and only use the table some of the time. So if your bum is in that barstool ninety percent of the time, make it a comfy, good quality one.

Thirdly, don’t be afraid to buy custom. The picture shown above shows beautiful, swivel barstools I had custom made for a client in California. Why go custom? Well, you have so many more options! Counter stools are typically around 25″  in seat height. Rather than buy a stool off the shelf, we custom made these counter stools to be 28″ high so that the whole family was comfortable. Don’t you just hate sitting at a table that’s too high? If you feel like your chin is inches from the surface, custom may be the best option, because one size does not fit all when it comes to barstools!

Need a recommendation on where to buy great barstools? Heres a list I compiled to get you started.

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