Stovetop Holiday Recipes

1)    Cinnamon Clove delight

3-5 Cinnamon Sticks

3-5 Whole Cloves

1 Orange Peel

½ gal Apple Cider

1-2 C Bottled water

Fill saucepan with liquids and bring to a boil. Add cinnamon sticks, cloves and citrus, Reduce heat and simmer for a wonderful holiday scent.

2)    Double happiness- Vanilla Cinnamon Spray

1 C Water

1 C Vinegar

4 tbsp Vanilla extract

5 Whole cloves

3 Cinnamon sticks

1 tsp Nutmeg

Combine liquids and bring to a boil. Add cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg. Simmer on low heat. Keep on stove for an hour or so to create a wonderful aroma throughout the house. Allow to cool and then strain ingredients into a spray bottle for a lasting room spray


1)    Holiday Potpourri



Cinnamon sticks


Apple Rinds, cores

45 drops peppermint

Sprinkle all ingredients in a dish of your choice. Quantity is based on size of dish, have fun with it! Drop 45 drops of peppermint essential oil on above ingredients. Make large batches and put dishes throughout the house for a wonderful holiday season scent. Note: Dish should be made of china or pottery for best results

2)    Country Potpourri

1 Mason Jar

Dried Apple slices

Dried pomegranate slices

Cinnamon sticks

Rose hips

Orange Slices


Put all ingredients in a large bowl. Grind up some of the cinnamon sticks and sprinkle over mixture. Douse mixture with Vanilla extract or favorite essential oil like peppermint, spearmint, or pine. Mix all the ingredients together and pour mixture into mason jar. Poke holes in the lid with a hammer and nail to allow aroma to waft through the house. Wrap decorative ribbon around the lid with dried orange or apple for a decorative addition.

3)    Pine Cones

Collect pinecones from out side and place in a decorative bowl. Douse with pine, peppermint, cinnamon, or spruce essential oil for a wonderful tabletop display that smells like the holidays.

Holiday Pomanders

1)    AB Home’s Holiday Diffuser

1 Partially Dried Orange

20-40 cloves

½ C Ground cinnamon

8 wooden skewers

Vodka Peppermint Mixture

Take Orange and press the points of each clove into the orange in a pattern of your choice. Continue until orange is covered well with cloves. Take ground cinnamon and spread in a large dish; roll a lightly damp, cloved orange in the cinnamon until completely covered in cinnamon. Let this sit for at least 48 hours, preferably 72 hours. Meanwhile, soak skewers in Vodka Peppermint mixture for 24 hours. Once orange is ready put marinated skewers in orange for a lovely bergamot mint, holiday scent. Re-soak skewers as needed.

2)    Holiday Orange Balls

3 Cinnamon Sticks

3” Foam ball

Partially dried Orange peels

Attach thin orange peels to the ball with hot glue. (You can also use bridal pins to secure them to the foam if necessary) Break up cinnamon sticks in small chunks and place at bottom of bowl or dish. Place Orange ball on cinnamon sticks. * Can also substitute bay leaves or cloves

Light Bulb Rings

1)    Holiday Light ring

Purchase a brass or porcelain light bulb ring

Peppermint essential oil

Place 15 drops of peppermint essential oil on the ring. Only do when cool not when light is lit. Place on light bulb for a lovely peppermint aroma. Can also place around a candle of the same diameter.

Aroma Lamps (container heated by a votive candle)

1)    Holiday Forest

5 Drops Rosemary

5 Drops Coriander

6 Drops All Spice

4 Drops Clove

Combine oils in water and add heat with a votive candle.

2)    Winter Forest

8 Drops peppermint

8 Drops Eucalyptus

4 Drops Orange

Air Freshener Spray

1)    Peppermint Air Freshener Spray

1 C Vodka (non Flavored)

5 C Distilled water

35-40 drops peppermint essential oil

In a spray bottle combine all ingredients and shake well. Can be used on just about anything. Vodka helps moisture evaporate quickly leaving a lovely scent.

2)    Peppermint Dish

3 Tbsp Vodka (non flavored)

3 Tbsp vinegar

30-45 drops peppermint oil

Combine all ingredients in an attractive dish and place in living room, or any room that needs fragrance.

3)    Woodsy Dish

40 Drops Cypress

30 Drops pine

30 Drops Eucalyptus

20 Drops Sandalwood

Combine all ingredients in an attractive dish and place in living room, or any room that needs fragrance.

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