Have you ever met someone in your life and had an instant connection? For me that was what it was like when I first met Varian Brandon almost two years ago. Her uplifting spirit and charismatic energy made me feel as if there was no such thing as impossible, and after an hour with her, she was right!

Varian Brando

For those who don’t really know her, Varian is often referred to as a “business coach”; but to those who do know her, she is the business breakthrough coach. Her true skill as a mindset mentor, and a gifted motivational speaker has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach their financial and passion filled goals.Varian holds a masters in business management, corporate communications and a BA in organizational communication.  As if her education wasn’t enough to convince you of her skill set, Varian cultivated her skills as a stellar saleswoman in a fortune 25 company for seventeen years before going out on her own. After  years of impressed clients and bosses alike, she wanted to do more. The thought of becoming an entrepreneur was both exhilarating and terrifying, but she decided to leave her corporate identity and turn her talents into a passion, helping women live their best lives in a profitable and rewarding way. Now she dedicates her life to being of service to women, helping them grow and maximize their passion and purpose through their entrepreneurial dreams.

On todays podcast learn how to:

1) Ask for the sale

2) Overcome rejection

3) Master the art of sales

4) Avoid the show up and throw up

5) And learn how to listen to what your client needs vs what they think they want


Click here to listen

For more information on Varian and her services, visit her website here.

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