Every room needs to have a focal point, or f-o-c-u-s. Most rooms naturally have some type of architectural “direction”, such as a fireplace, built-in, or view. But every room needs an anchor for which the furnishings revolve around.

Vern Yip
If your home got left out of the focal point lottery, choose your focus and create one. Add a TV with a large furniture console underneath it. Focus your furnishings around a beautiful art piece, or purchase a piece of furniture that commands attention (like an armoire, a console, or a piano) and anchor your furniture around it.

Use bright or bold colour hues to create a focal point. You can also use bold patterns, a bold colored sofa, or use a beautiful area rug to draw the eye effortlessly around the room. The room shown below, used bold color, attractive art, texture, and as a design surprise added a book nook above the seating arrangement. Instead of creating the focal point in front of the room, Shane kept the focus on the main furniture wall. Brilliant!

We are not all blessed with beautiful views, but if you have a great window, or view, arrange the furniture to take complete advantage of it. Add draperies to frame the windows and accentuate the view and draw your eyes to the scenery beyond. See the photo below? No need for a TV! My goodness I could stare at that for hours!

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