How to Create Sacred Space with Mia Luz

Today, I’m joined by Mia Luz,  a contemporary Medicine Woman, an Alchemical Priestess, Circle facilitator, a Drum-Doula, Certified practitioner of Shamanic Energy medicine, an Ojibwe Pipe Carrier, and a mother. She’s here to talk with me about creating sacred spaces to heal your energy and bring your mind and body peace.

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Show Notes

Heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Finding solutions by being still and silent.

Pushing through rather than pleasuring through.

When you are ready to find your purpose, things will fall in place.

Tap into the most pristine part of yourself; this is what we mirror to the outside world.

Connect with your home in a different way.  Create an altar as a focal point to remind you to connect.

Above and below the cross emotions.  Above:  joy, peace, love, gratitude.  Below: fear, apathy, guild, sadness, anger.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment.

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Drum Doula

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