Bold colors are you doing it

In this ever present homogenous world that we have created, through the likes of sites like pinterest and houzz, it can be hard to find homes with personality. Many fear that if they go against the grain they will either hate it, tire of it or it will destroy their resale.

But what about the now? Too many fear what may occur rather than really enjoying what could be. And god forbid, no one wants to go against the grain or against counter culture – especially if it hasn’t been done and seen on pinterest!


Honesty, I’ve grown quite bored of this uniform culture where everything is driven by cheap goods, and the Joneses. Who decided they were important anyways?

Today I received an email from one of my favorite vendors Elkay. I use them primarily for their sinks but they have a whole slew of products to delight the senses. One such thing that grabbed my eye, this red sink!


Holy moly, I can just hear my clients now, ” Oh gosh thats just too much I could never do that!”

Well, I disagree! This is not only delightful to look at but elevates your sense. Its pretty darn good Feng Shui too, if I might add. Just imagine coming to your kitchen every morning to see this? How would that make you feel? Don’t you think it would excite you? Yep, sure would, and for those who don’t know, it’s quite easy to change out a sink, so if in ten years you’d like to be delighted by Blue, it’ll sure be an easy thing to do. So start living more boldly! If it brings heat and lights you up, it’s certainly worth doing!