I was recently faced with a rather large paint challenge, from a client who had no intention of painting her powder room. Without warning she called me up and said she needed me to come over right away. The contractor had broken through the wall and left a hole in the wall that would have to be repaired. Not knowing what the current color of the bathroom was, she decided to repaint with a new color.

I had never seen the bathroom before but was certain that a new paint would take five minutes to select and we would be on our merry way…..until I saw the bathroom:


The lighting was very harsh, and the yellow-beige paint (yes that is actually beige on the walls) reflected the wrong undertones, highlighting and accentuating more yellow! The lighting was very old, and the homeowner refused to update anything. She just wanted to select a new paint.

While I was confident that a different paint would definitely look better, I was not certain that the new paint would have a fighting chance against such bad lighting. So I chose a few possible options and went back to my office to order paint swatches to review at the house.

I received the paint samples three days later and after careful consideration I chose a grey beige. It definitely looked better with the wood tones, softened the strong gold hue in the room, and I was hopeful that the 25 year old lighting would cooperate. I can safely say, I am very pleased with the outcome:

after new paint

Nothing was changed in this room other than a fresh coat of paint. It just goes to show the power of paint, and why choosing the right color is so important! A remarkable and fast before and after!