Let’s face it, working with a professional interior designer is a luxury. Despite what entertaining shows like HGTV tell you, redoing a space is an investment. So you need to make sure that the items you purchase are ones of quality that can stand the test of at least ten years, before being redone. In the fashion world it’s called cost per wear. If you purchase a cheap item that only yields 2-5 years and it costs more to reupholster it, than you paid too much for it, and it’s not a good investment. Always buy quality, even if that means you buy over time.

One of my favorite spaces to design is the master bedroom. Probably the least likely space to receive any love, or investment dollars, it’s the space that matters most of all the rooms in the house. It’s also the place where people make a lot of decorating mistakes. But, your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the place to regroup, unwind and simply breathe. Unfortunately, most bedrooms lack any personality and receive the least love. Why? Well who’s going to see it? You of course, the one who needs it most. So when a client decides to invest in their master bedroom, I’m all in.

bedroom updates

I recently redid a master bedroom for a couple here in Nashville, looking to breathe new life into their exquisite 1940’s home. Their space was drab, dated, and fussy. It lacked color and personality and did not match its’ homeowners at all who were lively, fun and exuberant. Here’s their before:

Before of master bedroom

SO the plan was simple. Use my most priced possession and secret weapon: Color.

master bedroom


As I mentioned above, design is a luxury, and requires a healthy investment to really change and transform a space. Quality design is a good mix of characters, colors, textures and style. What I love most about this bedroom is the perception of a lot of color, when in reality it’s only key pieces that inject the idea that its colorful.

master bedroom design

Once the design was complete the homeowner was thrilled with the results. Tons of fresh color, brighter whites, and lots of high style. So what are some bedroom updates guaranteed to transform your Master bedroom?

  • Lighting – never underestimate the power of crisp white lighting.
  • Paint – the easiest, fastest way to transform a space is through new paint.
  • Linens – buy top quality. There is a difference, a big one, between good and great. So invest!
  • Knobs – make them special, after all they are just like jewelry.
  • Mix it up – mix highs and lows, the inexpensive with the expensive to give an incredible collected look
  • Customize – always go custom where ever you can: pillows, lamps, rugs, bedding; it makes a difference.
  • Art – always purchase real art or photographs that move you. Its your bedroom so treat it like the sanctuary it is.

Have you recently updated your bedroom? What are some fun additions you’ve done to transform your space? If none, do you need help? Contact us today or book a phone session with me to get your project started!

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