Happy New Year!

Over the holiday I had planned on taking a much-needed break. You know just the normal stuff, play with some trees, get weird in the woods, and talk to elves. In the midst of being immersed in my happy place, Carole reached out,

I love your podcast and cannot thank you enough for sharing your truth and wisdom. You freely share your knowledge and I have learned so much! In all my years I have never seen someone practice Feng Shui the way you do. It’s so natural and intuitive. Not to mention practical!

At the beginning of the year, my husband and I purchased a new home. We were so excited! Then the pandemic hit and all hell broke loose. It was easy to blame the pandemic at first, but then it dawned on me that there was more to it. I cannot explain my uneasiness but I feel it the most in my kitchen. I feel it’s the house speaking to me and it’s her Feng Shui.


Holy moly was Carole right! When I reviewed her photos I gasped! It’s no wonder the kitchen makes her so uneasy.

The kitchen is an extremely important energy zone in a home. It represents family, health and well-being, and money. (In fact, the kitchen is so important, I have an entire section about it in my new online course, How to Make Mo’ Money with Feng Shui) When there is an upset in the energy via a weird design detail (Ummm, like this one!) the whole dynamic can be thrown off and screw up your Feng Shui.

In this instance, there are two major factors disrupting Carole’s Chi. Without even seeing the rest of her floor plan I can already imagine some of the upset going on in her life. Finances will most certainly be volatile, emotions will swing from high to low, and no doubt she and her husband lack a foundation. The two major details?

  1. There is a staircase next to the stove
  2. There is a door behind the kitchen sink AND a staircase

In Carole’s home, she has an enormous amount of Chi disruption happening in a vital area of her home. A place that should represent strength and roots. When Chi is “swooshing” violently in one or more directions it will immediately cause instability. And if someone is cultivating their Chi and sensitive to their environment they will pick up on this and sense it almost immediately. Common signs are restlessness, agitation, and inability to breathe. Turns out, Carole was experiencing all three!

In addition to focusing on the design details, it is also important to factor in the type of Chi you have. In this instance, Carole is a strong wood element and her husband Bob is a fire. After learning this I was able to recommend two very simple fixes, a chandelier and a very colorful, vintage rug that helps Carole stay grounded and sparks Bob’s fire.

Our world is changing at a rapid pace, and our sensitivity to our environment continues to increase daily. If you’re feeling uneasy or feel things are rapidly falling apart, take a look around. Pay attention to rooms that feel “off” and pay attention to the words you say. They are often clues indicating where the Feng Shui is upset.

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