As I opened up my computer this morning Yahoo had an article on amazing garages. I couldn’t help but giggle because when I design a home men are always AMAZED that a sofa is typically $3500. When their wives redo a room it can easily cost twenty thousand dollars and they go bananas. “Who in there right mind would spend $3500 on a sofa, they screech!?”

What I find so funny about men and women is how different their priorities are. Give a man a fancy garage, big TV, electronic gadgets and he will easily pay thousands. Tell him to buy a couch and he freaks out. But if the sofa houses a TV, well its cool and worth the money.

780 Ashley road

21600 Norman Shores Drive

I don’t know about y’all, but 20 million for a garage seems a bit much. I will take my $3500 sofa a few chairs, candles and a few cut flowers and be just peachy! What are some of your personal favorites to have around the house?

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