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Interior Design + Advanced Feng Shui = Real Estate Success!

  • How to select the best property
  • How to spot a property with issues
  • How to enhance a house to maximize its sale potential
  • How to attract more buyers if you're selling your home
  • How to correct problematic properties
  • How to enhance the energy of a new-to-you home

"It's ideal for anybody interested in purchasing a home to use Feng Shui prinicples to find the most energy aligned home for their needs. But keep in mind it's possible to correct Feng Shui problems after a purchase, and it can also be used to prepare a property for sale. It's the most dynamic tool you can have in your back pocket for all successful real estate transactions." Amanda Gates on Feng Shui and Real Estate

How can Feng Shui help you?  

  • As a Buyer, it can help you make the best decision on the best property and help you understand how it will influence your health, wealth and relationships.
  • As a Seller, it will help you maximize your home's selling potential by attracting more potential buyers, and getting your house sold faster.


Amanda has always been sensitive to her environment, and has the intuitive ability to identify and understand the energies of any home, corporate office or piece of land. Interested in deepening this understanding, after the purchase of her first home in the late 90’s, she began exploring subtle energies to her benefit. After using her own home as a laboratory, she went back to college to begin studying the art of Interior Design and Feng Shui in 1998, after turning down Med School in Los Angeles. Now with over 20 years experience she knows what it takes to incorporate her unique skillset in professional interior design and Feng Shui to further support her clients, friends and family in creating the perfect energy aligned home. Further strengthening her value to clients, she now leverages her wisdom in Feng Shui and interior design to both help sellers when listing a home for sale and counsel buyers on selecting the best property for them.

"No one should buy a home without knowing the energy alignment of that space."

Meet Amanda


With over 20 years of experience in Interior Design and Advanced Feng Shui, I know numerous strategies to help my clients sell their home quickly, find them the home that supports their hopes and dreams and save them the most money in the process. 

Amanda Gates • Real Estate Agent License #352771

Specializing in the Franklin, Brentwood and Nolensville Area

PARKS | O: (615) 790-7400 | C: 615-767-7418  

Real Estate License #352771  

198 East Main Street Suite 200 | Franklin, TN

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