One of the main reasons I started this show 10 years ago was a desire to educate people on alternative ways to heal and be whole. Back then, I myself was seeking and searching for a better way to health and wellness and was shocked to learn that we have the power to heal our own bodies without drugs! Ye!p We can heal through all natural processes and it doesn’t require drugs, despite what our healthcare system tells us. I first learned of this concept when I read, Healing the Hopeless, the autobiography of Dr. Max Gerson, of Gerson Therapy. This was my introduction into the world of functional medicine. Today I have on functional medicine doctor, Jill Carnahan. A functional medicine doctor approaches our health and wellbeing in a much different way than allopathic medicine does. In this show, you will learn what functional medicine is, how it’s different than western medicine, it’s overall benefits and the 7 things you should stop eating for the next 30 days to rapidly change your health.




Healing the Hopeless

Delores Cannon

How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

7 Foods to Stop Eating:  Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Corn, Sugar, Alcohol