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Amy, from Mod City Mag, and I have been friends for quite some time now, and as entrepreneurs she and I are constantly trying to “up” our game. Whether it’s some totally rad product to help us organize, or get busy, throw in some love for Mama Earth, and we’re all over it!

A few weeks ago she came to Nashville and as we talked about 2015, she and I discovered that we both get emails on how we run our business. From organization, tools, and favorites, we were getting a lot of the same inquiry’s. So each month we will share all our fav’s that make us wanna slam dance to The Ramones and clink our coffee mugs, that might be filled with vodka…*wink* Let’s do this!

Amy and Amanda’s Best Productivity Tools

Best eco productivity tools for your office. #Office #Eco | GatesInteriorDesign.com

Amazon –HeroNeo® 10x Decorative Washi Rainbow Sticky Paper Masking Adhesive Tape Scrapbooking DIY
– OMG, I’d washi the cat’s if they’d let me. This stuff is killer for all your organization needs. Label books, your calendar, boxes, envelops…and dare I say the cat? Next to a label maker, this puts me in my happy place. Bam!

Emily Ley – Daily Planner – My assistant swears by the digital apple computer version, and while the kids think it’s all the rage, I still love me some ol’ fashion pen to paper. Plus it’s pretty!

Treesmart – ECO Recycled newspaper pencils – I am obsessed with these pencils, well pencil’s in general -where else in life can you erase your mistakes? But I digress. These pencils are awesome and go to a great cause – so buy them! Mama Earth approved

Made By Humans – ECO Stapler – Until you have this you may not get the concept, but it stitches the paper rather than staples. Efficient and Mama Earth approved.

Abes Market – ECO-Corn Scissors – Scissors made from corn. Need I say more? Use less energy and put out less pollutant’s into the air. Mama Earth approved.

Amazon –Drinklip Cup Holder(random Color)
– As much as I’d love to tell you I’m as svelte as a cheetah (roar!) I’m as clumsy as a one eyed cat. I’ve killed TWO laptops with said coffee mugs…….

Timbuk2 – Sleeve – One of my favorite places to shop for messenger bags, envelops and other sweet fashion bags. Not only do they guarantee the life of their product but they encourage you to prolong the life of your product by bringing it back to them. In an age where repurchase and buy more is the name of the game, this is such a breath of fresh air. Give it up to the West End Boys and West End Girls, Let’s dance!

Eco-Made – Amplifier – How else are you suppose to listen to the Ramones, Duran, Duran and Pet Shop boys?

What favorite tools do you use to get your ass in gear and get busy?