Today we are going to talk about clutter. Now if you know me or have listened to me for any amount of time I rarely make this association with Feng Shui (because I dislike very much that people confuse Feng Shui for decluttering) mainly because it’s so much more than that. Any one of my clients will tell you I’ve never once brought up their clutter in our conversations – but it doesn’t mean that it’s not important to talk about. I bring it up this month because as we enter into spring it’s a great time to start shifting our Chi and ditching our clutter. I think the biggest issue is that most people associate clutter with physical stuff-stuff and you know me, it’s never about what’s on the surface. Oh no. Clutter is literally postponed energy, the stagnant stuck energy in every pocket of your life, ie: toxic relationships, bad behavior, bad habits, old thinking, narrow points of view, judgement, prejudices, and yes, the actual stuff-stuff in your junk drawer too.  Today we’re going to talk about Chi, yin and yang, the five elements, the Bagua map, intention and how all of this can give you a Feng Shui state of mind to start attacking your clutter.


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Cultivating your Chi – Elevate Yourself!

Chi – breath.  Life force.  Chi is everything and everything is Chi.

Luck, destiny, karma, education, Feng Shui

Yin and Yang.   Opposing forces that work together to make balanced energy.

The Five Elements:  Metal, Water, Wood, Earth and Fire.

A balanced space creates a balanced life.

Wood – The pioneer. Very actionable.  Like to move at a high rate of speed, very inpatient, like freedom, independent. Can be adaptable and self motivated.

Fire – The manifestor.  Outgoing, insightful, intimate, empathetic, warm, strong intuition.

Earth – The peacemaker.  The mother. Nurturer, very stable, attentive, nurturer, the reliable ones, responsible, empathetic.  Hate change.

Metal – The alchemist.  Very good at organizing, discerning and methodical, very analytical mind, detail oriented.  Can be rigid.

Water – The philosopher.  Ice, steam, flow.  Very adaptable, introspective, curious, value ingenuity.  Tend to be introverted and like solitude.  Can be intuitive.  Can be blunt.

Bagua Map – podcast #6


Dao De Jing

Maya – defined as the cosmic illusion.  “Where the power in creation intentionally exposes us to limitation and divisions that seem to exist, but we must look beyond the veil because it is the oneness that is true reality”  Quote from Amanda’s new book Feng Shui for the Soul.

Below the Cross Emotions – Above the Cross Emotions

Find friendship with imperfection.

Clutter accumulates when energy gets stagnant and energy gets stagnant when clutter accumulates.

Clutter is anything you are not willing to deal with.  Postponed energy – physically, energetically and emotionally.

Feng Shui Fridge Detox – Podcast #61

Keep similar items together.  Keep items used often in an easy place to grab and an easy place to stick to the routine.  Make it easy for you to put things away.  Stop clutter before it starts.  Change your language.

Feng Shui can help your clutter by you being intentional and mindful.


Ditch bad habits, bad behaviors and get rid of toxic relationships.


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