In American culture we tend to celebrate love during the month of February with cards, flowers and other nonsense. The true meaning of love cannot be found within material things and most would agree there is no other real feeling like love, nor is there one word that can truly describe the way it makes us feel. I think that in its purest form the emotions and feeling we experience are a reminder of who we are at a soul level. The excitement, joy, and happiness supersedes everything around us and all fear washes away.

Love is many things. It’s not only an emotion we give and share with others, but it’s also what we give and share with ourselves. In a time where society is hectic, scattered, enraged, and overwhelmed, we need to be kindest to ourselves. And this is something that many are struggling with!

In regards to Feng Shui it was expressed by Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun that many people in this age of technology are starting to acquire a phenomenon called strange Chi. My Feng Shui mentor Katherine has spoken many times of Professor’s concern and what is happening to our culture is that we are becoming disconnected and apathetic towards those around us. Essentially not connecting through love.

Now more than ever we need to look beyond the surface and reconnect with what matters most, our universal connection with one another. At the end of the day there is one thread that holds it all together, and that is the thread of love. Whether it be self-love, compassionate love, unconditional love, patient love, new love, young love, or rekindled love, is all boils down to universal love for one another. If you’re looking for a way to boost or enhance your love abilities here are 7 healing crystals everyone needs to attract love.

1) Mookaite

This a beautiful multi-colored red stone that works with the sacral chakra and solar plexus. It encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and be adventurous! Mookaite keeps your spirit feeling young, helps you to see all things clearly and promotes strong life force energy.

Tumbled Mookaite

2) Unakite

A stone of pinks and greens, this stone works closely with the higher heart chakra and third eye.This stone benefits the heart and helps heal the emotional body. It increases patience, balances emotions, and increases mindfulness. Considered the perfect yin yang stone, unakite helps us balance our masculine and feminine sides, be more nurturing and helps us foster healthy relationships with newfound balanced emotions. Like this one? Find it here and also look here.

unakite heart


3) Aventurine

Aventurine is a beautiful green stone that works with the heart charka. Great for overall well-being, encourages personal growth, enhances opportunities, and strengthens relationships. Find it here

aventurine palm stones

4) Fluorite

Fluorite is one of my favorite stones. It’s beautiful green and purple colors are quite majestic. Typically fluorite works with the upper chakras. It absorbs negative energies, and cleanses the aura. Fluorite is an excellent relationship stone as it supports the soul, brings insight and encourages discernment. It’s also extremely helpful in seeing the bigger picture of a situation which can be beneficial to any relationship. It stabilizes emotions, protects against negativity and brings enchantment into our lives. Find them here.

fluorite wands

5) Rose quartz

The godmother of all heart healing stones, this quartz has a soft pink hue. Rose quartz heals and opens the heart to help us find our greatest most purest love. It raises self-esteem and self-worth, restores confidence and balances the emotions to open the heart chakra to all kinds of deep, meaningful love. Find it here.

rose quartz

6) Rhodochrosite

Ranging from pink to red, rhodochrosite resonates to the heart chakra and the solar plexus. It increases self-worth and self-love. This stone aids in powerful emotional healing so you can live in a place of great joy and happiness.


7) Rhodonite

An extraordinary stone for the heart chakra, rhodonite lightens the heart so you can discover your best self. This loving and healing stone calms the heart, heals relationships and balances emotions. It increases confidence, protects from jealousy and helps transmute lust into a loving exchange of passionate sexual energy. Another Feng Shui stone perfect to restore the yin and the yang in all relationships.


I have all seven of these stones in my collection and use many of them in my meditation practices, however, if you are completely new to crystals and their healing properties it can be easy to get overwhelmed. The first step is not to get intimidated. When selecting a new stone choose the one that calls to you. Pay attention to how you feel and what draws you in. Many years ago when I first started studying crystals and their healing properties I would choose a stone simply because it was pretty, but I quickly learned that our subtle energies are in tuned to what we need most, and I was choosing based on what my body needed.

Nowadays I choose stones for all sorts of various reasons, but many are used in my Feng Shui practice for very specific cures for my clients. The best is to build a collection of stones that you can turn into an altar. Having an altar connects you more closely to the divine and grounds your spirit, something many souls on earth desperately need today!

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