Across the U.S many buyers are experiencing what’s known as a seller’s market. What does that mean? It simply means inventory is low so we have more buyers than available homes for them to purchase. Yesterday I was talking to a dear friend of mine, Jane McCracken who has been a real estate agent for 37 years. During her career, she said she has experienced this seven times. I have not been doing this nearly as long as Jane, but one thing I have experienced in this inventory crisis is that few sellers are really making an effort to show off their homes. Why should they? The homes are basically selling themselves because people are so desperate to get something. So rather than getting an Audrey Hepburn experience, of class, and serious wooing, most buyers are lucky to get t-shirts and flip flops and aloof conversation. A few weekends ago I showed this $1.3 million dollar home that was filthy. I nearly died. This home is only two years old and this dirty.

Now, is cleaning a house an easy fix? Of course! But as an advanced Feng Shui practitioner all I see is dirty, postponed energy in this home. A home whose energy has not been cared for. So whoever buys this home will need to take some extra steps to avoid the pitfalls of falling into the energy of this previous homeowner. Think about life events that make us put cleaning on the back burner. Stress, a frenetic schedule, depression, overwhelm, anxiety and suddenly your home’s hygiene lacks priority. That energy leaves an imprint and if you buy that home and don’t take the necessary steps to clean all that up you’ll step right into that energy too. That is Feng Shui 101.

And that brings me to curb appeal, or rather the lack thereof. As I write this it’s winter, and it’s more difficult to create curb appeal when it’s cold, but it’s not impossible. As a professional interior designer for over twenty years, creating beautiful exteriors is actually one of my favorite things to do. And in fact, I’ve put together a list of 7 of my favorite things you can do to add immediate curb appeal, and six of the items on the list can be done year-round. For the most part, this is what most buyers are seeing and look at that price tag.

These are now considered moderate homes here in Nashville. The average median home price is now over $800,000 in my area. That is a lot of money and homes deserve to have their energy taken care of. Keep them clean, dress them up and give them the Audrey Hepburn experience. Trust me when you take care of the energy, the energy takes care of you.

So what can you do?

Start with adding good curb appeal. When it comes to your home you have to see her through a feng shui state of mind. Yes, yes, we all get busy and life can get hectic, but it’s not impossible to care for her and keep her Chi strong. Remember when she is well supported she, in turn, supports you ten-fold! Here are seven of my best tips to add value, and make your home stand out no matter the time of year! And if you are not sure how to make these things possible, or you’re in need of a pro to help you with your projects, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I can connect you with contractors, and vendors who can help!

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