Since the pandemic hit, many people are spending more time at home than ever before. Even now as more people are venturing out, many are still opting to stay at home. I think what the pandemic taught us is that we do not need to be so busy and our homes are what make us feel safe. But if you’re finally taking the time to look around and noticing your home may need some updates, I’ve got six fantastic tips that will not only update your home but make it feel fresher and more enjoyable. Not to mention, it will boost your home’s Feng Shui!

As an independent interior designer for more than twenty years, I would typically only take on five to ten design projects a year, depending on the overall scope. But now that I am a real estate agent, I am seeing way more homes than I used to. And I’ve gotta say, I’ve been quite shocked at how many homes are not maintained. I’m not sure if people think their home will take care of itself, or if they think stuff just lasts longer than it does, or maybe they just don’t know how, but many homes I see are in disrepair. When your home is not cared for, neither is her Chi and this affects everyone’s energy. So from a feng shui standpoint, one of the best things you can do is maintain your home regularly and keep her systems in good working order. For example, there is no point in updating your furniture if the plumbing is leaking. One of my friends has a great example of this, getting your oil changed in your car, while good, does absolutely nothing if you’re driving on bald tires. Great point!

OK so how do you update your home?

Firstly, pay attention to her systems like the HVAC, plumbing, water heater, and roof. These are all very important things for a well-maintained home. Once she’s in good working order you can do projects around the home that add to her beauty through decor. Many people hate investing in basic things because they are unseen and unsexy. Who wants to blow through ten thousand dollars updating their HVAC system when they can buy a new sofa? I get it, trust me. I’ve been doing this for a long time. But like the example above, there is no point in buying furniture (getting an oil change) if your home’s internal systems are not working (bald tires.)


Secondly, once you have the internal systems in order, you want to focus on updating your home in a way that adds to her beauty and overall family functionality. Think about how you and your family use your home every day. What are your habits and routines? Based on that, what are updates that you can make that will improve your quality of life? In all my years as a designer, I have found that these six things are commonly the most beneficial and make a big impact.

6 Ways to Immediately Update Your Home

  • Paint the front door. In feng shui, the front door is one of the most important energy factors to keep your home healthy. This is the area where all new Chi enters your home and nourishes your life. Painting your front door is essentially like putting lipstick on. It brightens up the home, picks up her energy, and calls in new opportunities. Add in some fancy, shiny hardware, and your home will instantly look updated.
The Spruce

The Spruce – Feng Shui tips for a strong front door

  • Add a statement chair. Many of us have a room that we spend a lot of time in. To make the room more comfortable and stylish, add a statement chair. I love statement chairs. Whether it’s a really cool shape or has a super bold, unexpected fabric on it, a statement chair anchors the space, like this one:


  • Add a stylish new rug. Rugs can be such a simple way to change the mood of a room. Whether you add a lot of colors or a cool texture, rugs define spaces and make them intimate. And if you choose the right rug, it adds style and much-needed character and color to a room, like this one:

  • Update your lighting. Lights can add so much to your space especially if the scale is good. It can take things from “meh” to absolute “wow.” Lighting is one of the easiest and fastest ways to change the look and feel of a space and instantly make it have that designer look. One of my favorite things to do as a designer is to add fun lighting in unexpected places. And seriously, GO BIG OR GO HOME! Have a long hallway? Add semi-flush mounts down the hall to break it apart and draw the eye up. Have a boring laundry room? Add a chandelier. Have a small kitchen island? Add very large, dramatic pendants over it to give it that wow. Lighting is easy to find and with a good electrician easy to install. Here’s a great example of WOW!



  • Add high-style with art. Many people are afraid to invest in art, don’t know how to buy art, or think art isn’t important. But adding real art around your home is what makes your home go from amateur to Pro look in an instant. Like lighting, scale is important. Too often I see people buy little tiny pieces and hang them on very large walls. And then they hang them way too high! Or they buy little tiny trinkets that get lost in a very large bookshelf. That is the incorrect way to display art. You wanna make it a showstopper so make sure you GO BIG OR GO HOME. This takes a good eye and requires practice, but it’s certainly a skill that can be learned. Can’t invest in the good stuff? For wall art, buy high-quality art from reputable furniture stores. Whether you look at places like Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware, or heck even Nordstrom, buy stuff that is framed and matted well. Trust me, it matters! Cheap art makes your home look cheap. And the same goes for sculptures and art pieces, go big and invest, invest, invest! Here are two beautiful examples of big ass art that makes a statement?

  • Add the unexpected WOW. Good design makes an impact because designers pay close attention to small details. Everything you encounter is well thought out to create a high-touch experience that leaves you saying “wow” at every turn. Knobs, wallpaper, texture, accessories, lighting, color, custom details – literally everything you come in contact with is highly intentional. So make it count. The details are what take your space from ordinary to extraordinary!

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