Ok, so your house is feeling dull and chaotic and it no longer feels high vibe. Could this be bad energy you’re feeling? When we are talking about energy most people refer to it as either good or bad, but what we are actually talking about is high or low. In my world I call this Above or Below the Cross Emotions™. So what the heck does that mean? In scientific terms, describing energy as high or low comes down to the rate of frequency or vibration that a person or place exudes.

In my upcoming course, Mastering Feng Shui with Confidence,  launching next month, I’ve devoted an entire module discussing this theory of frequency.

Why, you ask? Because 78% of the population vibes at a low frequency of 170 Hz. If the average consciousness is collectively drinking the kool aid of fear and anger guess what’s being broadcasted in most of the spaces you go?

The higher vibe you can give to your home and office the better you’ll feel. In fact, my house is now vibing so high, nobody –  including me, ever wants to leave! It has become a true honey haven for me. A space to recharge, lift my spirits and those around me and give back to the world in big ways. So how do you raise the vibes of your home to get kick ass vibes that wash the day away?

Here’s 5 ways to get the energy right in your home:

  1. Pare down the amount of stuff-stuff you own. This isn’t about clutter (even though technically it is) this is about over consumption. Having three blenders, two curling irons and 14 bottles of half used shampoo holds you down subconsciously and stagnates energy like mud. Always choose quality over quantity, pare down the wardrobe, dump the “just-in-case” crap and allow your solar plexus to shine. (It’s the energy chakra associated with empowerment.) We often buy more for the sake of more and hang onto more because of emotional voids, not because the world is coming to an end and we need it.
  2. Diffuse essential oils. Essential oils work to cleanse the air in our home. They will help you feel light, lift your mood and many have antimicrobial properties (score!) to remove airborne viruses, and microbes so help you avoid illness. One of the best oils to diffuse is the highly auspicious orange oil. In Feng Shui this citrus smell is highly beneficial to our Ch’i.
  3. Himalayan salt lamp. These awesome light sources are one of the best multitaskers to have in a home. Because they attract water they have the power to attract dust, pollen and other impurities in the air. In addition, they give off negative ions which help bring you into balance by removing the excess of positive ions in your environment from all your technology.
  4. Play music. This is probably one of my favorite things to do. Nothing changes my mood faster than putting on some rad Eagles record or some Zeppelin. Whatever your preference is, music has been proven to uplift our mood, heal our hearts, blood and immune system and raises our Ch’i like nobody’s business. But be mindful of what you play. Hard core metal and rap can have the opposite effect if they are derogatory.
  5. Add plants and fresh flowers. Many people I talk to rarely get outside. So if you’re one of those that does not frequent the outdoors, bring the outdoors in. Experience nature and all her beauty. Plants uplift our mood, clean the air and help encourage mindfulness as we nurture them. They are also a terrific way to boost Feng Shui as many plants enhance our career, health, wealth and happiness.

Even if you only do a few of these things, you’ll notice a big difference in how you feel and how your space feels, and what do you have to lose? All it takes are a few simple things to shift and move through the Chi to start feeling better and return your house to those high vibes!