Pink Ribbon BM 1340

Sometimes being a designer is exhausting, especially considering that our creative minds are always fluttering like A.D.D butterfly’s and to us, it makes perfect sense to wall paper the ceiling or put headlights in the floor. And when our clients look at us like we have lost our marbles,  we screech with exhilaration about how great it will be and we are certain that it IS the right thing to do! One of my favorite quotes from the ever dapper and charming Don Draper:

” A new idea is something they don’t know yet, so of course it’s not going to show up as an option!”

~ Don Draper

I’m always trying to throw in a little of the unexpected in my interiors and color is the best way to achieve serious eye candy in a room. Wake up your room with these four colors that behave a lot like neutrals but get overlooked and stereotyped before they make it off the paint chip…try it you’ll see!

4 colors that will change your life, but often get overlooked!

1) Pink

The least respected color in the paint deck, and deemed a feminine color, but nothing adds sophistication like a shocking pink. One of my favorite pinks:

2) Acid Green

One of my all time favs. A scandalous green will activate and energize a room. It adds pop to any room and stimulates your senses. One of my favorites to use:

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I will show you my affections by ignoring you and demanding you feed me when I am hungry; and

maybe come around for attention when I feel like I have the time….

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