When it comes to our skin we rarely think about the effects of what we eat as the culprit to dry dull skin.We assume that some topical product can be whisked across our faces and like a magical day at Disney we will immediately start glowing. While some topical products do in fact ASSIST in that overall glow, (going to Disney doesn’t hurt either) the food we ingest plays a bigger role: What you place on the inside affects the skin on the outside. Here are three game changers:

1) Avocados

Seriously do you need an excuse to eat this yummy fruit? These suckers are abundant in B-complex vitamins like Niacin (B3) which is an anti-inflammatory that soothes our skin and eliminates dry skin.

2) Almonds

Yum, another fav of mine. Almonds are chocked full of vitamin E which is great for your overall complexion. They help moisturize dry skin and all of it’s antioxidants protect against premature aging and skin damage.

3) Cottage Cheese

Now I know all the cool kids are deleting dairy from their diets, but if they jump off a bridge are you gonna follow too? Cottage cheese is not only a healthy food but full of an essential mineral called selenium. Mix this with tons of vitamin E and you have a very powerful free radical/antioxidant duo that is ready to kick some serious anti aging ass.

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