21 Of The Best Places To Shop For The Holidays

Our favorite shops for gift-giving in Nashville and across the nation!

Searching for extraordinary finds, unforgettable places and unexpected treasures, that have been owned once before, is both invigorating and fun. It’s not only the thrill of the hunt, but it’s also finding a rare and unique item and experience, and giving it to someone you love. Sure, a department store during the holidays has it’s own buzz, but their is no “vibe” like that of an old antique store, or vintage shop filled with oddities and objects galore. Whether it’s rare, unique, different or junk, creating an experience of sentiment, is a gift that sticks. When it matters most, give from the heart, not the pocket book.

21 best places to shop in nashville TN

You can find incredibly cool gifts for your loved ones this year by avoiding places like the mall. Here, my team and I comprised a comprehensive list of our top 21 places we love to shop for gifts. This list consists of local nashville stores, national brands who are worth spending your money with, and a few other unique dives we love. Not only do they sell awesome product but they reuse, repurpose and recycle – our gift to mother Earth.


1. Acme Feed & Seed
Coolest place to go for unique Nashville finds!
Acme Feed & Seed created a uniquely ‘Nashville’ atmosphere that honors the unparalleled character of the city’s past, present and future.” This store offers the true ‘Nashville’ experience with a range of locally made products. You can find a gift for anyone, like the “Tennessee Man Gift Pack”.
Acme Feed & Seed
2. Flip Nashville 

Find great, gently used, designer product for him and her. One of the best consignment shops in town!

FLIP was founded on the principle that actions speak louder than words.  Since June of 2005 they have been working tirelessly to deliver two things great designer products and accessories at a great value and incredible integrity to their customers.


Flip Nashville 
3. Flair Vintage Decor. 
Flair Vintage Decor is all about putting forth a fantastic mix of refreshed vintage finds fused with new items to create a home of mixed flair. Limited hours, so check there website for details!
Flair Vintage Decor
4. Old Made Good
Located off Gallatin Pike in Nashville, this place is hip, quirky and fun. Think Zooey Deschanel meets anthropologie. A handpicked collection of vintage and locally made goods.
Old Made Good 
5. Rich Hippies
Started locally here in Nashville, they make intentional, organic clothes for “littles.” All of their clothes are made to order, so when they’re gone, they’re gone, but contain no bands or elastics – because “littles” need to be comfy when they are learning and playing.
Rich Hippies
6. Pony Show 
Handpicked, handmade, and vintage items right here in Nashville. You can find them off of Porter Road or online at Etsy. Coolest shop, with the coolest vibe for those cool people in your life.
Pony Show
7. Antique Archaeology 
For the dude in your life, this place kicks ass for unique, salvaged and repurposed goods. Definitely filled with cool factor, every piece is a found object and will take your gift-giving up several notches – sorry Home Depot, you’re no longer cool.
Antique Archaeology 
8. Ten Thousand Villages
Located in Green hills, TTV operates on a fair trade program, which means a fair price for their handmade goods and crafts. Filled with all sorts of neat objects, accessories and jewelry.
Ten Thousand Villages 
9. Sunbeam Vintage
Sunbeam is one our favorite places to shop for our clients. Unique retro finds, all refurbished – and many have sweet stories of Hollywood starlets, musicians, and famous architects attached as previous owners! Score!
10. Vintage Supply
Another great find in LA that offers unique home decor from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Just imagine this settee in an updated tartan stripe – so rad.
Vintage Supply
11. Mid Century Mobler 
Ok I’m from California, so it only makes sense that half my list if from my home state. Not to mention that my grandmother is seriously THE queen of all things 1960’s – because she is fabulous, with a capitol “F”. She taught me to appreciate the finer things, like vintage, and this place is the largest showroom around!
Mid Century Mobler
12. Loft & Craft
So for those times you find yourself in Lincoln, Nebraska -THIS is where you go to shop. Loft and Craft is a specialty store for furniture and design. Their craft is refinishing furniture and providing a unique experience through design, and orientation to give your home a unique vibe.
Loft & Craft
12. Landmark Booksellers
Books. Do I need to say more? With over sixty thousand used and very rare books to choose from, and fifteen hundred signed first editions – this is THE place to go for the book lover. I may or may not go in here simply to smell books…..just sayin.
Landmark Booksellers
13. The Hip Zipper 
Voted best vintage clothing store in Nashville eight times, this is the premier place to go for vintage threads.
The Hip Zipper 
14. The Spirit of Nashville
True creativity in the art of graphic posters, postcards, art, decor and more. Nashville wrapped up in Anderson Design Group. A must see, and great for for gifts.
Spirit of Nashville 
15. Angel Chatter
Chris Alexandria, owner of Angel Chatter, is a best selling author, and has created an entire line of custom Jewelry, candles, sprays and more for that special person in your life. Get 20% off for being a part of the Gates Interior Design family! And listen to our podcast here.
Usecode: AmandasAngels Avail until Dec 15th
Angel Chatter
16. Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast
Created by Lyon Portor, the Urban Cowboy is a peaceful oasis in the Urban Jungle, of Williamsburg, NY. The Urban Cowboy is a passion project personified in a Modern Luxury Brooklyn townhouse, all with industrial sensibility. As Lyon puts it, “Arrive as strangers, leave as friends.”
Urban Cowboy
17. Castilleja Nashville
A lifestyle and home decor store owned by Grammy-Award winning song writer Liz Rose. Filled with vibrant and colorful home decor to make your home pop!
18. Seraphine Designs
An independent Jewelry company started two years ago in Nashville. Designer Brooke Seraphine uses raw natural stones to create modern, classic pieces for day or evening.
Seraphine Designs
19. Eastside Music Supply
For the guy in your life that loves all things music EMS is a boutique shop for guitars, amplifiers, replacement parts and more. Plus a totally rad staff, they’ll bring your cool factor up, make you laugh and just make you feel like a musician.
Eastside Music Supply
20. Feral Children of Architecture
Dancing on the bridge of the secular and sacred, Lole Ray was born in NY and attended Parsons school of design. As she puts it, “left to our own devices, we flourish.” She creates tools, art, and artifacts for ritual use, and calls Nashville home.
Feral Children of Architecture
21. Portland Apothocary
Herbal remedies for holistic, seasonal  wellness. Portland Apothecary is a collaboration between two herbalists based on the healing traditions in both Western Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you have allergies, want to ditch OTC meds and just want to get back to basics, these chicks kick ass.
Portland Apothocary
Well there you have it, our top 21 best places to shop. Need something but didn’t see it on the list? Email us, we have a ton of sources for cool shit, but it’s cocktail hour and we’re tired of typing….cheers!
Chris Saaco with Groundswell International.
It’s no longer considered a thing of hippies and tree huggers running around professing conservation. Our planet is in danger. Mother earth has been more brutalized by humans in the last 100 years than in our entire existence. It’s now or never to get your head out of the sand and create a change. Today I sit down with Groundswell International Co-Founder, Chris Saaco, a non-profit organization making every attempt to scale global farming change, one village at a time. This is about education, awareness, and action.
Gates Interior Design would like to wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season!
Thank you for helping us achieve another great year.
Happy Holidays!
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