In 2019 I decided to become a Realtor. I was seeing holes in the marketplace that I knew I could fill, and I felt people were really missing out on the homes they were viewing by not understanding the Feng Shui of it all. Just today a friend texted a photo to me of a home for sale in Williamsburg, Virginia, “What do you think? Is the energy ok?” I love questions like this because it’s going beyond the physical and taking a deeper look at the unseen that could pose problems.

Feng Shui real estate

While the home had enormous potential and lots of fantastic positives, especially in building relationships, there were two things I was concerned about: projects not being able to get off the ground and a lack of resources to make said projects move forward.

The market is insanely hot right now. Despite a pandemic, global shut down, and a world we’ve never seen the likes of before, real estate is going gangbusters. This is great news because it’s helping restore the economy, it’s bad news because things can get overlooked when there are bidding wars just to win a house! Over 15 million Americans moved last year. With the rise of flexibility in where people can work, and not having to go to an office, people have far more flexibility in where they can live than ever before. But it still brings me back to the question, “What about the energy?”

Each market is experiencing new and different cycles as we come out of this pandemic. And homes will always be a great investment for your future, especially when rates are so low, but don’t forget to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. How does the home really feel? What did the previous homeowner experience? If it’s new, what went on during the building process – both are clues to the energy imprint left behind.

Understanding the vibe, or energy, of a home is going to be the greatest trend in the housing market over the next 20 years. Why? Because health and wellness are becoming a huge trend. People no longer want a prescription to fix a symptom. They want to know the root cause to fix the problem. As we spend more time at home, working, playing, entertaining, and living, the vibe and how your home makes you feel is now front and center. Where tiny homes were once all the rage, in one year’s time we’ve jumped ship and seen a rise in people craving more square footage. Hey, if we’re gonna be stuck at home might as well have places to retreat. So what about the energy?

In the case of the Williamsburg house, the seller is struggling to finish major issues around the house, like water damage, and he doesn’t have the money to fix it, which is why he is selling. Ummmmm, isn’t that what I told my friend? (projects not being able to get off the ground and a lack of resources to make said projects move forward.) That’s the energy, my friends, it’s either working for you or against you, be sure to pay attention to both current market data, AND the energy. There’s more to home buying than just the stats. But if you want the best stats on the US market, be sure to check out Brian Buffini’s, 2021 Real Estate Report. He is the industry leader when it comes to knowing the pulse of the market, and he has a team of experts that stay on the pulse of real estate year-round. In fact, I believe in his team so much I started working with them earlier this year to learn their best practices.

Another trend is the idea that people won’t need a Realtor, but this trend is the exact opposite. Navigating a wild market is exactly the time you need an experienced professional, who’s calm, to help you with your personal energy. Many people think that real estate is going to go 100% online and the industry will no longer need people opening doors. While many new advancements have come on to the marketplace to make the process easier and more convenient, the home buying process has many things that no computer can do, like emphatically walk a client through the landmines of emotions, decisions and overwhelm that comes up when searching for a home, buying said home and then moving! This may be your first purchase, or it may be your third, but remember your Realtor likely did three or more just last month. In fact, a study was done and it found that more people found moving more stressful than divorce. And guess what? That too is energy!

No matter what, check out the awesome report that Brian’s team has put together. The data is worth a look. But don’t forget, as we move further into this age of Aquarius, energy and how your home makes you feel is going to become more valuable and important than ever. For most people, the meaning of home evokes safety, a place to grow roots and build a sanctuary to get away from the world, and now people are starting to really value that concept because it makes them feel better.