Today I’m sharing a recent email from a listener looking for a quick fix to her health problem. If you’ve listened to any of my shows you know I do not subscribe to this level of kitschy Feng Shui. But Why? Can’t energy work in an instant? Or does it take time? In this episode, I share with you this email I received looking for a quick fix and an incredible story shared by my Nashville client Danielle, who invested real time to achieve her Feng Shui goals and not not only became a homeowner but found real and lasting love! This is a good one y’all that you don’t want to miss!


Mastering Feng Shui

Real Estate Class

Deep Work – Cal Newport

Fast Shui

Luminary Feng Shui

Be specific with what you want the energy to do.

Cultivate your Chi.

Stay the course.

Make sure you are aligned and calibrated to achieve what you are asking for.

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