Today I’m sharing a minisode inspired by a podcast listener who had a mystical experience with animals. Over the past ten years I’ve talked a lot about the importance of animals, nature spirits and caring for trees. But why is it important? What can it reveal to you? In today’s show I explain what an animal spirit is, how to work with one and why it matters. I also share some terrific examples that I’ve had in my own life, along with listener Kristy’s incredible bird experience!


Easy, Everyday Habits to be More Eco-Friendly

Nature Spirits – An essence of energy that holds within it messages


Trees – the lands original shaman’s.

Omen – a message that connects us to the land and the divine.

The Chi from the spirits of the earth are what allow us to have good Feng Shui.  It’s only when the land is strong and healthy, which gives us strong, vital Chi that we can be strong and vital. That we can thrive.  You have to honor them and give to them as they give to us every day.

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