Today I have on an incredible guest, James Twyman. He’s the author of multiple books,  a musician AND he’s now doing an amazing play on broadway about St Francis. He’s done so much in fact, hahahaha, you’ll hear me getting the facts all messed up on the show today because despite doing research on James for two weeks, he’s accomplished so much I couldn’t keep it all straight!

Like all my shows I was extremely intentional about putting James on in the month of January. If your month has started out turbulent and rocky, St Francis is here to help! Even though his teachings are over 800 years old, they are more prevalent today than ever.

Today James and I will talk about several of his books, the path of St Francis, getting a show on Broadway and how we can be like Peter Waldo, “on fire with love and give it all away.”


The Prayer of St. Francis

Peter Waldo

Joey Nitolo Podcast #98

Claire of Assisi

Giovanni and the Camino of St. Francis

St. Francis Musical

Jimmy Twyman

The Barn Dance

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