Well stocked bar 2In the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s it was a common practice to have cocktail parties in the home, but as more women climbed the corporate ladder it became less popular to meet at home and more popular to meet at a restaurant or bar.

When the economy started to turn a few years ago many homeowners started to stay home for their entertaining, creating increased interest for retro styled bar carts and chic built-in bars. With more entertaining at home, parties with friends and neighbors is once again in vogue. So whether you choose to use a bar cart or create a small bar in an unused space, here are 11 tips on stocking the perfect five-o’clock bar.

Well Stocked Bar For Any Occasion

Well Stocked Bar For Any Occasion

1) Always keep stock of the classics;Vodka, gin, scotch and bourbon.
2) Have a basic red and white wine.
3) Keep a traditional tequila on hand.
4) A nice bottle of Champagne for those unexpected celebrations!
5) Mixers ti keep in the cabinet: tonic, club soda, Coke and ginger ale. These keep you prepared for all occasions and provides your guests a drink of their preference, making you a successful host.
6) Keep the season in consideration. Refreshing drinks like gin and tonic, or martini’s for summer, and dark liquors like scotch and red wine are popular in winter months.
7) Always have something available that’s enjoyable for non-drinkers. Lemonade, coffee, tea, flavored water, or hot cocoa.
Additional tips for a successful party.
8) Always use glass instead of plastic for drinks.
9) Have small chic plates for small appetizers.
10) Be clear to your guests what you have available. You can use a fun sign, create a menu or display your bottles, but be sure to have it stocked
11) Make no apologies for what you don’t have. When people are in your home they expect a common drink that is always served and the classics will have you covered.


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