Is the energy around your home stuck?

What do your guests see when they visit your home? The answer might surprise you! Walk outside. What is the first thing you notice .....

Flowers, window boxes, a garage? If you didn't notice your front door, neither will your guests. Most homeowners never pay attention to their front door. They either brush past it, or they enter through the garage. 

But here's the rub. If the answer is anything but the front door, you are missing out on valuable energy from entering your home. In my world we call it Ch'i. I know sounds like a frou frou word, but if it's affecting your life does it matter what it's called?

This is the takeaway. You need to take notice of the entrance to your home. How does it look? Is it easy to find? Is it cluttered? Are you impressed?

Your entrance is where all energy enters, and quietly meaders throughout all areas of your life. An entrance that is hard to find, or messy is hindering the flow of the good stuff throughout your life. Think it doesn't matter? Think again. According to feng shui principles Ch'i is life force energy. Remember in grade school when you learned that old adage that energy is neither created nor destroyed? Well guess what? Neither is good or bad energy, so which do you want in your home?
If you're hindering your energy - which shows up in the form of various challenges in your life - it may be time to start at square one, your entrance. And you're in luck! I've put together a quick start guide to get you unstuck and moving in the right direction. Boom!

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How to Create A Positive Entry Vibe With Feng Shui - 10 easy steps to a better front door.


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