I love to decorate and think I’m pretty good at it. So, it never occurred to me to hire a professional designer. I must admit that I have really missed out.  The interesting combinations of fabrics, colors, and furnishings are things that I never would have come up with on my own. Especially experiencing the benefits of feng shui. Everything looks amazing. And, they feel amazing!  Thank you Amanda.

Gwen Koch

A Message From Amanda…

What they say about Gates…

Everything is beautiful and a perfect version of me and my personality. I had no idea I could use so many colors tastefully. I love it! Thank you for everything!

~ Kerrie Clark

Kerrie Clark

All of the artistic, creative and healing qualities that I’ve always held now show up in every part of my home.  I had no idea the opportunity and potential of my space. Thanks so much for your incredible insight, and creativity Amanda! Pamela Wills

Pamela Wills